How To Make A WordPress Website 2024 | Divi Theme Full Course

2024-05-30 16:55

Overview With Timestamps
00:00 Intro
08:00 Get Web Hosting
13:25 Get A Free Domain

18:48 Clean Up Your WordPress Website
23:23 What Is A WordPress Theme?
24:51 Get The Divi Theme

30:25 Create A Site Title
34:58 Create A Menu With Pages
40:20 Upload A Logo
43:52 Choose The Right Fonts
45:38 Upload A Favicon
47:11 The Use Of Colors In Your Website

The Divi Theme
49:44 Introduction To The Divi Theme
01:16:29: Divi Theme Options
01:13:25 Create The First Part Of Your Website
01:36:39 Copying And Pasting Module Styles
01:38:05 Use CSS
01:50:08 Create A Business Features Section
02:05:44 Tell More About Your Business
02:17:31 Advanced Styling Options
02:25:18 Create A Global Section

02:33:20 Import a Made Page
02:57:35 Copy And Paste To Speed Up Your Workflow
03:06:52 Use Divi Cloud To Save And Import On Multiple Websites
03:08:57 Clone A Page
03:11:53 Create The Contact Page
03:24:33 Import All The Pages Of This Tutorial

03:32:44 Make Your Website Responsive
03:46:40 Create A Portfolio

04:14:09 Create A Blogpost and Blog Page
04:15:36 Install Google Analytics
04:21:09 Install Google Search Console
04:22:28 Install RankMath
04:26:04 How To Do Market Research?
04:33:26 Find KeyWords
04:39:48 Use Google To find Keywords
04:45:26 Get knowledge about what you write about
04:55:17 Write The Blog Post
05:09:51 Make your writing better with Grammarly
05:16:25 Create And Edit Images
05:40:16 Use A Free Online Tool To Make And Edit Screenshots
05:46:57 Optimize Your Images for SEO
05:54:33 Scheduling Posts
06:01:13 Upload A Featured Image
06:13:56 Optimize Your Blog Post Using Rank Math
06:21:28 Write A Blog Post Using AI

06:24:35 Create The Blog Page
06:35:26 Create A Blog Post Template Using The Divi Them Builder
06:51:25 Create A Sidebar

07:04:14 Create A Header Using The Divi Theme Builder
07:42:24 Create A Footer Using The Divi Theme Builder
08:12:27 Split Testing
08:13:18 Divi AI
08:15:31 Follow Up Tutorials