Understanding How To Unify The Heart And Mind in Reality Transurfing® 111hz 432hz 528hz 777hz 963hz

The one secret to seeing miracles and incredible things happen in your life is connecting your mind to your heart. When your mind and heart connect anything is possible. But we are raised to separate our mind from our heart, society and pendulums tell us to ignore our hearts and focus on our minds.

As Zeland says, “The heart comes into the world trustingly reaching out with a child’s arms. Then it discovers that pendulums have conquered the world and transformed it into a jungle. Pendulums immediately try and convince the heart that no-one was expecting it and that in this world everyone has to fight for a place under the sun and pay tribute to the pendulums.

Together your heart and mind are capable of anything. How do we link these. Vadim Zeland attempts to explain how to do this in his book Reality Transurfing.

One of the most powerful chapters in the book Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland is chapter 9 the heart and mind. In this episode I do a deep dive on this chapter reading all of its key passages and trying to find the secret ways to unify the heart and mind. In this chapter Zeland also talks about the Fraile, the Frame and Guardian Angels.

This is a huge chapter and there is so much in it.

I was inspired by Mettaverse and there recent Mandelbrot zoom video (check out into the ominiverse it is amazing) So I found another incredible Mandelbrot zoom for this one. Notice the seamlesss Mandelbrot Zoom that goes for almost the entire video. You will feel the eternal fractal nature of the universe after watching this.

The music is mind blowing. Over 16 tracks by Mettaverse was used for this video.

realitytransurfing #mendelbrot

Video created by Maths Town:

111hz The Divine Frequency
Sea of Samsara Karmic clearing 174HZ
“solstice” revitalizing ambient music return to the light
Soothing Strings 333hz angelic frequency
417hz sacral chakra remove negative energy and facilitate change
432hz Harmony intuition balance you are pure potentiality
432hz Dissolve Stress and Tension
music of the spheres aligning with the harmony of creation 432z
Into the Omniverse, 963hz Pineal activation meditation
Still the mind and ease anxiety Aeolian wind harp in G
Light quotient study and focus alleviate stress rife frequency 492.8hz
639hz increase love and harmony cleanse negative energy positive meditation
777hz deep relaxation
universal frequency 888hz quartz crystal bowl
Through the haze Ambient blade runner tribute meditation 582hz
Tibetan singing bowls rain and thunder 432 hz

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